Decompress With an Inversion Table

Enhance Your Well-Being Through Inversion

Did you know that simply using an inversion table for a few minutes a day helps reduce the muscle pain and tension experienced by most people? Enhance your life and well-being with an inversion table by Teeter at Hershberger Spas. 

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How Does Inversion Work?

The back is supported by hundreds of ligaments and muscles that stabilize the spine. When the back is out of alignment due to poor posture, prolonged sitting, or rotational movement, your spine becomes misaligned.  

Inversion table usage helps decompress the spine by lubricating the joints and restoring moisture to the soft tissues. To decompress successfully, the spine needs a traction force of 60% of your body weight or a 60% inversion to reduce spinal compression. Progressive decompression is a natural way to realign the weight-bearing skeleton, promote good posture, and reduce pain.

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Teeter Inversion Table Models

  • Contour L5
  • EP-960
  • EP-560
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Get More Out of Your Investment When You Choose Us

  • Same location since 1991
  • Teeter Inversion Tables are backed by the manufacturers warranty
  • Repeat customers and referrals fuel our success

           Family owned and operated

  • In business since 1978
  • State-of-the-art facility
  • More than 40 years of industry experience
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"Well Being" Needs! 
This is a mom-and-pop business that takes the time to go over all of your needs and make you feel special. When I was having problems with my hot tub, I got a lot of my questions answered over the phone. They know their business! Thank you, Hershberger Spas.

– B.B.
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